Penelope’s One Month Update

I have no idea how a month has passed already, but here we are – Penny is officially one month old!! This has been the craziest and most fulfilling month of our entire life. I wanted to share a little update on how our first month as a family of 3 has been – read on!

Penelope doll from Cuddle & Kind, onesie from Carter’s, bow from Three & Me Accessories

Our first month has been overall really good! Obviously there’s been ups and downs – she’s a newborn after all. It’s been a learning process for everyone as we all try and get used to each other’s schedules, but we quickly learned her routines are very cyclical – eat, cuddles & play, diaper change, sleep, repeat! We’re currently working this into a more structured routine so she gets used to a consistent theme throughout the day – babies like routine but obviously can’t be put on a schedule.

She’s sleeping in good chunks at night (anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time which doesn’t sound like a lot but at night it FEELS like a lot) and typically goes right back to bed after a diaper change and bottle from Pete. She loves nap time too, especially if its on one of our chests – she loves snuggle time! We’ve started swaddling her during her naps in her DockATot to encourage a bit of a routine: swaddling = sleeping! That seems to be working out so far. The next step will be transitioning her to the bassinet in the swaddle so she associates the bassinet with all sleeping activity. I’ll keep you posted on how this transition goes!

Tummy time started around 3 weeks – we noticed she was really working out those neck muscles when she would lay on our chests. She likes it for 10 minutes or so and then wants to call it quits. She likes her activity mat too that we got from Toys R Us – it plays music and lights up AND once she gets older, it turns into a BALL PIT!! Who wouldn’t love a ball pit?

We also just bought the 4moms Rockaroo from Amazon – we waited to buy a swing/rocker until we figured out what she liked. We were deciding between the Mamaroo and Rockaroo, but landed on the Rockaroo since she really just likes movement in general (and the Rockaroo is an automatic rocker and cheaper than the Mamaroo – yay!). I love that there are different speed settings, and you can turn it on and off with your foot. It’s also great because it’s a low profile, so it takes up so little room in our living room.

Penny loves listening to music, and loves when we hold her and dance around – one of our favourite playlists is Spotify’s Disney Hits! I incorporate dancing between feeding and diaper changes, to switch up what kind of “playing” we do throughout the day.

I’m sure there are a billion other things I could talk about that have gone on in our first month, but this is where I’ll leave this post for now. Stay tuned for more new mom blog posts and be sure to follow me on Instagram to get all the latest updates – I post A LOT!!


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