Nursery Tour

Welcome to Penelope’s nursery!! If you didn’t already know, I gave birth to our baby girl Penelope on February 10 – you can check out my quick post here and check out my Instagram for updates.

We had such a fun time planning and designing her nursery while we waited for her to arrive. Our main goal was to keep it gender neutral with pops of colour here and there – we didn’t want a hot pink nursery just because she’s a girl, it’s just not our thing! After a lot of planning & hard work (on Pete’s part), we have the nursery of our dreams!!

Right now, the chair, change pad/diapers, bassinet and my pumping stuff is in our living room. It’s more practical than me having to walk up and down a full flight of stairs 100 times a day! We’ll transition things back upstairs soon once we have a bit of a routine!


Her room is a bit of an odd shape – it’s long and narrow, so we really had to keep that in mind while planning out the nursery. We wanted to make sure it wasn’t too crowded, and to leave some floor space for when she started to get more active and we could use the space as another place for her to play. We basically have 2 sides to the nursery – her crib/dresser area, and then her books/rocking chair on the other side.

We painted the walls with Chic Gray by Behr – we wanted a very neutral grey to work with. Before I got pregnant, we decided any nursery we had would be gender neutral – no hot pink, no monster trucks, no unicorns. It’s just not our taste – we wanted a modern, chic looking nursery that could be used for future babes in the house.


As you come into the room, we have Penny’s crib on the left! We put ours on our registry, and it’s from Babies R Us. It’s the Delta crib, and we like it so far! We liked the crisp clean lines, and are hoping to use it for future babes. It’s a 4-in-1, so it goes from a crib into a toddler bed, into a day bed, into a twin size bed.

We also got this super cool floor lamp from Ikea – the Sjopenna. It’s got a button you can turn the lamp on with your foot which is super handy with an arm full of baby!

The carpet is from Overstock, the Ashbury. I am OBSESSED. I bought this pretty early in my pregnancy – as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be in Penny’s nursery!


The basket of toys were a collection of gifts we received from friends & family at our baby shower, and the height chart was a gift from my sister from a local artist.


We also have a dream catcher that I bought from a local business (Audrey’s Custom Creations) and a gorgeous sign that my BFF made that hang over her crib – how cute!!

Dresser – Ikea, Hemnes; change pad – Babies R Us
Top drawer has disposable diapers, wipes and cloth diapers
Middle drawer has newborn clothes (onesies, shirts, pants, sleepers, mittens, socks)
Bottom drawer has 0-3 month clothes (onesies, shirts, pants, sleepers, outfits, bibs)

The dresser is from Ikea from the Hemnes range. We have these dressers in our bedroom in the 8 drawer and we love them, so we wanted to get the same style for the nursery. We opted to get the 3 drawer as opposed to another 8 drawer for a few reasons – we wanted it to be a bit smaller, and it we figured the majority of her clothes would stay in her closet until she was big enough to wear them so we didn’t need a HUGE dresser for her room. The Hemnes was the clear choice!

Inside the dresser, we used the Skubb boxes from Ikea for organization. They fit PERFECTLY inside the dresser and make organizing all the clothes and diapers an absolute dream. Can we just take a second and appreciate how adorable baby clothes are!! I wish they made everything for her in mom sizes…


The diaper pail is from Amazon – since we want to use cloth diapers when she’s a bit older, I did some research and ended up buying the Dekor Plus. We bought disposable and reusable refills, so we’re all stocked up no matter what kind of diaper we’re using!


The bookshelf is from Wayfair – the Addison. As soon as I saw it, I was in love. We really liked the offset shelves and the fact that on all 3 levels, the smaller storage spots have a hole cut out in the back for plugs to go through. On the shelves, we have all her books we got from the baby shower, as well as the humidifier, a cute plant (couldn’t resist having a plant in her bedroom), a bunch of miscellaneous baby stuff and her bow display, gifted to us from my BFF at Three & Me Accessories – she made ALL those bows!!



In the back corner near the closet, we have our chair – the Annie Swivel Glider Recliner from Walmart. It’s super comfy, and reclines and glides which is so nice! I use it for relaxing with our peanut, and for pumping and feedings. Next to the chair, we have the Vilto shelf from Ikea which holds my breast pump (I have the Medela Sonata Double Electric Breast Pump and it’s incredible so far!!) & accessories, swaddle and burp clothes for messy feedings, and a spot for my iPad to sit! The pillow is from Wayfair – it’s actually from the Crayola brand in the colour Cotton Candy and it’s PERFECT. It’s such a cute pillow and adds the right amount of colour.

We absolutely loved designing Penny’s nursery. It’s totally our style, and we hope she’ll grow to love it as much as we do.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 7.45.54 pm


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