Third Trimester Update

We are in the home stretch!! I am almost 37 weeks pregnant and I seriously cannot believe it. These past 8 months have flown by – our little girl is going to be here so soon!

I decided to update the blog name to reflect our growing family & the style of blogging I’ll be focusing on – family, of course!

35 weeks pregnant

Aside from feeling absolutely massive (she’s the size of a pineapple), this trimester has been good to me, just like the other two. Sleeping has been getting a bit uncomfortable as my belly gets bigger, I wake up a LOT at night (thanks to her dancing on my bladder), so I’ve been taking advantage of cat naps. They’ll be hard to come by once she’s here, so I am all for them right now.

This trimester is definitely seeming like it’s slowing down – I find myself becoming very impatient as we wait for baby girl to arrive. It’s hard knowing she could come anytime now, but we don’t know when that’ll be.

Baby girl almost made her big appearance just before Christmas – I went into preterm labour at 34-ish weeks, but thanks to the staff & 36 hours in the hospital, she stayed put! That really accelerated the impatience for both Pete and I. We were so close to bringing her home! Now I’m on medical leave, and every little twinge or cramp-like feeling I think “is this it!!” We’re hoping she comes soon – we can’t wait to meet her & be parents!

In less than 4 weeks, she’ll be here. I can’t even wrap my head around it & seriously cannot wait to hold her.

I think one thing that I am most excited for is to see Pete with our girl. He’s been SO amazing throughout this pregnancy (and of course our entire relationship) – helping me get out of bed, running to the store to get me eggnog when the craving was just too intense, massaging my back when it was sore and everything in between. I can’t wait to watch this amazing man grow into the incredible dad I know he already is!!

Be sure to check my Instagram for the latest updates, and I’ll be back once she’s here to share the news, her nursery tour & other new mom posts!

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 7.45.54 pm

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