Second Trimester Update

I can’t believe I am in my third trimester!!! It’s officially 28 weeks into my pregnancy, which means we have less than 12 weeks left until we meet our little peanut (how is this possible?!).


The second trimester seemed to pass really quickly which is what I’ve heard from every mom – “time moves so fast, it never slows down!!” And that is the truth. I’m trying to savour every single second of this pregnancy because before I know it, she’ll be here!

I’ve started to feel a bit more tired so naps and even earlier bedtimes are happening more frequently. I’ve also noticed how BIG babe is getting!! I feel her pushing on my insides and realizing that she’s bigger than a ruler and weighing 2 pounds. Pete always tells me “she’s bigger than you think!” And he’s totally right. I keep imagining this little plum – but now she’s as big as a papaya!! And then I remember – most babies are born between 7-10 pounds… she’s still got a LOT more growing to do in there before her big debut in February!

Feeling her kick more and more is SO exciting – I stop and enjoy it as often as I can, and try and communicate with her. I talk to her, pat my belly, anything to get her to react! She absolutely LOVES Pete’s voice too, she always kicks when she hears him talk which is the sweetest thing!!

It’s crazy to think that in 13 short weeks, we’ll go from a family of two (plus Marshmallow) to a family of three – something we’ve been dreaming of for years. Most days I can’t believe how lucky we are to be welcoming this little sweetheart into our lives.

Can’t wait to share more with you as we get closer to baby girl’s arrival.
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