Pregnancy Must-Haves

I am just over 25 weeks pregnant, and wanted to share my favourite things so far since being pregnant. It’s a mixture of clothes, supplies and other things!

22 weeks, Thanksgiving 2018!

I never thought maternity clothes would be a) so necessary and b) so comfy – they make a WORLD of a difference in how I’m feeling each day. One of the first things I bought were jeans I noticed early on that even if I wore a belly band (like these), I was still so uncomfortable because of the fly being done up – it’s SO constricting on your growing belly! I would highly recommend investing in a pair or two.

Something I really never thought I would buy (I kind of thought it was one of those “oh you need this” but you really don’t) – maternity underwear. I realized around 17/18 weeks that my regular underwear just weren’t cutting it anymore. Maternity underwear come in a bunch of styles, but I bought the ones that come up over your bump. They are so stretchy and SO comfy!!

Another thing I got as soon as I found out I was pregnant was a pregnancy pillow. The one I have is a C shape so you can cuddle the back side, or sleep facing the open side. It makes sleeping so much comfier especially since I’m getting quite big now!

Something to purchase if you don’t already have one – a reusable water bottle. Because you’ve got a lot going on in your body, your fluid intake needs to increase by like, a LOT. Having a reusable water bottle (I use Swell bottles, like this one) makes it so much easier to keep ice cold water where ever I go!

Some apps I loved using during my pregnancy were The Bump and What to Expect – and I loved these apps for a multitude of reasons. I liked The Bump because it gave daily updates up until about 20 weeks on how big babe is getting along with the weekly milestones. It also had articles to read from how to deal with pregnancy hormones, baby shower ideas, nursery tours and so much more. What to Expect has weekly videos that Pete and I always watch, and they walk through the weekly milestones along with images of what your babe could be looking like at that time – so sweet to be able to watch them grow!!

Being pregnant has been AMAZING, and all of these things really helped me along the way to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about what’s happening in my body and what’s to come in the future.

Do you have any maternity must-haves that I should know about for this and future babes? Let’s talk!!

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