Favourites for Spring

Spring is my second favourite season (fall is my absolute favourite!) and I love freshening up our lifestyle and house with new things. Over the past few months, we’ve purchased some things that I wanted to share that we are really loving!

I am a huge fan of candles – mostly Bath & Body Works. I love that it can change the entire atmosphere of our house in just a few minutes! For spring, we’re really loving Watermelon Lemonade – it’s such a juicy smell! It smells exactly like crisp lemonade and fresh watermelon!! Rose Water & Ivy is another favourite – it is an extremely fresh scent with rose petals. It makes the house smell so fresh and clean. Another must-buy is Pink Pineapple. Oddly enough it smells more like grapefruit than pineapple, but nonetheless it smells delicious! Super crisp and refreshing for this lovely spring weather.


In the past month, I’ve visited my favourite plant shop three times – and it’s only May! I absolutely love Anna’s Flower in Kingsville. It has such an amazing selection of flowers, grasses, succulents, as well as pots, planters and home decor. It’s basically my dream store. We own so many plants from there – and even though I’m having a hard time finding spots for all of them, I keep buying more!! Spring is just an amazing time to add new plants into our home.

How could I NOT buy that fox planter!!
This was from shopping trip #2 – a full cart!

I was on the market for new jeans, and I stumbled upon Abercrombie. I don’t remember the last time I shopped there (probably high school) – and let me tell you – I’ve ordered from there twice this year already. Their stuff has really come a long way from the 2000’s! I was super impressed with their prices (they range from super affordable to some cashmere pieces that cost a bit more) and the quality is the same as before – aaaaamazing. I decided to purchase the Simone medium-wash high-rise ankle jeggings and the Simone medium-wash high-rise slim jeans (say that five times fast). They are so comfortable, and I wear them at any chance I get. I am OBSESSED.

Simone medium-wash high-rise ankle jeggings in Central Park

Since winter is coming to an end, the weather is in a bit of a transition which is taking a bit of a toll on our skin, including our lips. I was browsing Sephora and stumbled upon the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – I just apply it before bed and in the morning I wake up with THE smoothest lips. And it’s not just a surface smooth, it goes deep into my lips and makes them so soft and plump. I don’t think I’ll go a day without it – talk about life changing!


What are some of your spring favourites?

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.08.59 AM

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