2018 Resolutions

2018 just FEELS like a good year – yknow? As 2017 was coming to an end, I just had this overwhelming feeling that 2018 was going to be the best year for Pete and I. The past few years have been a complete rollercoaster – the passing of my dad, purchasing our first home, the passing of my uncle 4 months later, meeting our godson for the first time, celebrating 1 year in our house with a totally flooded basement… and all the other highs and lows in between.

We want to start 2018 off on the right foot – and this always feels like the best time to do it. Fresh year, fresh start.


Do more yoga

  • I LOVE yoga, but I never do enough of it. So for 2018, I want to make start doing more of it! I always feel SO good after I finish a routine – refreshed, relaxed, and sometimes a little sweaty – all amazing feeling that I’ve been depriving myself of. Bring on more yoga!

Yoga favourites – Yoga with Adriene, Yoga Studio app

Workout more

  • Yoga is amazing, but I don’t want that to be my only source of activity. I want to push myself to do more workouts, but not push myself to the point of hating it. I recently printed out some workouts I found on Buzzfeed (it says summer but who even cares) that I’m going to start with, and hopefully find some other ones to add to the mix.


Take 5 minutes and destress

  • Life is stressful – work, personal, and everything in between. For 2018, I want to set a daily reminder to take 5 minutes and destress. Take a few deep breaths, go for a 5 minute walk – anything to just calm my mind for a few minutes.

Remember what’s important

  • Sometimes, after the hustle and bustle of the day, I get caught up in small things while I’m at home – “I didn’t respond to that email” or “Did I send over the right files? Should I double check?” It’s easy to forget what matters – my relationships, my personal health and wellbeing – when you get caught up in the day to day life of work. In 2018, I want to remember that things in my personal life need to be give the same, if not more, attention as things in my work life do.

Have more “me time”

  • After I get home from work, I typically throw on some comfies and watch something – Netflix, YouTube – and that’s all I’ll do some nights. And it’s got me thinking – what a terrible way to spend 4-5 hours. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Netflix time, but is that really how I want to spend every night after work? My new answer for 2018 is NOPE.


Eat better

  • This one is always on everyone’s list, but I really mean it! Pete and I don’t have a terrible diet by any means, but there’s always room for improvement. I love meal prepping, and I want to take it to the next level by meal prepping super fresh, delicious food for us to enjoy.


In 2018 I want to live my best life! Spend more time with the people I love, treat my body and mind like it deserves to be treated, and make time for the things that matter.

Cheers to the best year yet!

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.08.59 AM

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